Communities of practice on Discord, and their newsletters

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Anthony Ronda

Two Discord communities I'm in have recently spun up newsletters.

Why and who cares? Easy. Both of these places are niche communities of practice that help you keep informed, see new techniques, provide feedback, and share the best of the best in one skillset.

Some of us (myself very much included) got very attached to these communities in the last two years for sharpening our edges in our skills and interests, but also as a place to socialize while physically distancing these last two years.

But in 2023 I have a very full travel schedule, and lots of in-person commitments throughout my week. I still think these communities serve a vital role, and Discord is one of the best places for communities on the internet.

Newsletters are possibly not the best way to get me caught up all the time, but I do read them! And a digest of all the most notable goings-ons is very appreciated.

And there are several tools to make your own Discord newsletter digest a little easier to compile, such as the Bookmarker bot.

I'm looking forward to more Discord server digests as life gets hectic.

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